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What People Are Saying

“We had given up the idea of adopting until we met David Avilla of Advocate for Orphans International.”


“When we were there an issue came up that he was able to resolve immediately while other families had to stay there for 5 or 6 extra weeks to resolve a similar issue.”

“From the very beginning he was very honest with us about the uncertainly of the process.  He never sugarcoated the truth and never made any guarantees to us.”

“David provided detailed step by step instructions on how to complete all the required paperwork.”

“From the very beginning, David was always honest and upfront with us about the process and the expenses involved.”

“We give David the highest praise for generously giving us his time, always being available and ready to listen to our fears and concerns (often unfounded), always encouraging us, and providing a shoulder to lean on and a friendly ear to vent our frustrations (not with David, but with the length and complexity of the process).”

“I would recommend working with David to my friends and family without hesitation.”

“David had an open door policy when it came to listening to our complaints and frustrations.”


“All the costs were exactly as David outlined in the beginning of the process – there were no surprises.”

He is generous with his time and stays in touch every step of the way, offering guidance with the enormous paperwork process and encouragement in a journey where no two experiences are ever the same.”


“One of the biggest assets that David’s organization has – is their Ukrainian partners.”

“And though we were terrified of making emotional and financial commitments without having any guarantee of what a final outcome would be, we appreciated David’s direct approach and his honesty.”


“When we actually traveled and met with David’s Ukrainian partners – they are courteous, dedicated and professional.  But most importantly, we could observe first-hand how their knowledge and connections made the process run smoothly and completed in record time.”

“We felt safe and completely taken care of.”

“David’s pre-packaged and tested document repository really made the complicated paperwork process as easy as it can possibly be.”


“David and his partners are reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy.”

“In the end, everything occurred exactly as predicted – the process for us was accurate down to the minute as explained to us before we traveled to Ukraine.”

“Each document was the correct document and accurate verbiage as a result of David’s experience with this process. By following his directions, we had the right thing to the right social worker, fingerprinter, translator, courier, and/or government office, foreign and domestic, on time and in the right sequence.”

“I am grateful for the assistance, support, and friendship from David throughout this process.”


“David is a critical factor in our success in this process, helping us meet the requirements to host, introducing us to our daughter-to-be, providing on-tap translators, helping with the paperwork and catching my errors before I shipped the crucial dossier to Ukraine.”

“David was genuinely interested in helping us to go through the process as smoothly and painlessly as he could.”


“Some issues came up recently nearly one year after our adoption, and David helped out even though he had no obligation to do so.”

“David also kept in touch with us while we were in Ukraine.   He was following our blog and was available any time that we needed him.”

“We admire David for what he does.  What a great deed when someone helps to find homes for orphans who would otherwise end up on the streets.”

“He knows his job well and he was able to get us out of the country in a short period of time.”

“The bureaucracy in Ukraine is unbelievable, however he navigated us through the process very smoothly.”

“We would definitely pick David if we decide to adopt again.”


“We are very glad that we used David and would recommend him to other people that are adopting.”

– Advocate for Orphans Reports: The Children of Zaporozhye Streets: Life Without The Childhood

The Children of Zaporozhye Streets: Life Without The Childhood

by Svetlana Chumachenko

“We all remember the question that the adults used to ask to us. “What do you want to be when you are an adult?” Looks like there is nothing more natural and widespread than dreaming of your future profession. All children dream. Do you still think so? I had a possibility to get acquainted with the children that are not asked such questions. They think that it is just stupid. How can one think of dreaming, when he needs to find something to eat, a place to spend a night at, to fight off the same people as the he is that also consider the place to be their? Waifs and strays have said goodbye to their childhood a long time ago, they are now doing the adult business…”
“…After the talk with Liana I was experiencing the shock. How many children will she manage to give birth to, that will be exactly such unnecessarily homeless as she is? How many kids would demonstrate their first steps, first smiles to the nurses of “Solnishko”, but not to mom and dad? What’s the problem? In the lack of money for contraceptive? Or just in the indifference to their own fate and the fate of the children? Liana is not the only woman who acts so, who gives birth to the child and then gives them away. There are the champions in it, who born 11 children (!). This chain of actions is passed from one generation to another. The people who finished the orphanage but didn’t succeed in their life give birth to absolutely the same people, that exactly repeat the parent’s life…”  Read more

~David Avilla: How to Jump Start a Church Orphan Care Ministry


How to Jump Start a Church Orphan Care Ministry…

David Avilla, Executive Director of Advocate for Orphans is an approved member of the Registry of California Adoption Facilitators and is not considered an adoption agency.  This registry was passed by lawmakers in 2006 and was funded to commence operations in 2008.

The focus of our organization is to advocate on behalf of orphaned children, promote the positive impact of adoption with American families, and provide opportunity for families to interact with these children through seasonal orphan hosting programs throughout the United States.

Our program is well suited for any church to implement.  Having orphans visit your area allows for invaluable service opportunities for your church members.  Active participation inspires others to catch your vision for caring for the orphan.

Advocate for Orphans is currently planning for three groups of Ukrainian orphans to visit the U.S. – arriving in the last week of December 2009.  Maybe your church could become a Host Site!  For program locations and other information, please click here or contact David Avilla, Executive Director at

Since 2007, Advocate for Orphans has been able to receive tax deductible contributions through Congressional District Programs.  Click here for more information.  Congressional District Programs has been recognized for some time as a 501(c)3 charity by the I.R.S.

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