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A Thoughtful Quote by Bill O’Reilly – Shared by David Avilla, Director of Advocate for Orphans

The following is a quote by Bill O’Reilly, shared on “The Factor” which aired on Fox News 11/14/12.  It is a good critique of how slanderous and malicious statements via the internet, as well as biased media coverage of such, can cause irreputable damage to innocent individuals.  It is a sad commentary, to say the least.

“I’m getting tired of this kind of stuff, because you can just smear anybody you want in the world on the internet, and nobody can stop it, and it’s just way out of control.

The problem with these stories, ladies and gentlemen, is that when anything happens, it’s already all over the websites – it’s all over the world.  Okay? And, just the accusation is what stays in peoples minds.  So, his whole life, now – he’s got to go through this, and nobody knows what happened.  If the guy did something like that, he would have been criminally charged.”

Bill O’Reilly