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~Advocate for Orphans International – Hosting Orphans in 2009

Advocate for Orphans is currently planning for three groups of Ukrainian orphans to visit the U.S. – arriving in the last week of December 2009.  For program locations and other information, please click here.

Ukraine orphans will visit the U.S. for approximately two weeks and families interested in this orphan hosting opportunity should contact David Avilla at

David Avilla, Executive Director of Advocate for Orphans is an approved member of the Registry of California Adoption Facilitators and is not considered an adoption agency.  This registry was passed by lawmakers in 2006 and was funded to commence operations in 2008.

~Older Orphans

Until now, only about 20% of Ukrainian orphans over the age of 7 are adopted.  After the age of 10 that number drops even further.

Why is this age “too old” for an orphan, but considered still young for our own sons and daughters and nieces and nephews?  This is a question that must be asked.

Are they really “too old” or is that an excuse to cover for our unfounded fear?  And, if it is an unfounded fear, what must we do to rectify it?