– Adopting Maria

by Christine Niles

In early summer of 2007, we traveled to Ukraine to adopt a 12-year old girl named Maria.  Throughout this process, we always maintained the philosophy of “prepare for the worst and pray for the best,” and God has been faithful to us and has rewarded us richly.

Maria is our first child and, in the last 18 months, our lives have changed dramatically.  We are continually amazed by her ability to adapt to a new culture and language, to succeed in public school, and to build new friendships with her peers.

Each step we take in faith and each challenge in which we allow God to work have proven that Maria was meant to be our daughter, and that our little family is truly blessed.

Many of these children have experienced things in their short lives that we could never even imagine.  Hunger, abandonment, crime, abuse, and the loss of loved ones are common realities.  Each one of them deserves a chance to heal and to experience the unconditional love of a family.

The Niles Family participated in Advocate for Orphans 2006 Program.





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